PYMBLE, NSW, 25 Oct 2018 This year, Office Brands is placing the focus on the most crucial ingredients for business success: taking the initiative. The Office Brands Expo 2018 is all about us as a group, together with our members, suppliers and partners – taking the initiative to grow, innovate and develop. We are working together as a collective by being proactive while constructively collaborating to overcome challenges that arise in pursuit of our goals to further increase our capabilities, service offerings and overcome competition.

As a group, we believe that taking the initiative is defined as having the drive to achieve what you’ve set out to do. Office Brands has invested substantially in developing cutting edge digital tools to help our members drive their businesses, both through existing and new customer bases. We are also focusing on expanding to new markets that can provide growth for members and our suppliers and much of all this excitement will be showcased at our Expo this year.

The Office Brands Expo has always been a great place to meet and network with fellow industry members and partners you collaborate closely with. It’s a wonderful time to get motivated and inspired while growing your business. This year’s conference has shaped up to be one of the best thus far.

Our Expo runs from Thursday 18th October 2018 to Sunday 21st October 2018 and is held at Sanctuary Cove Intercontinental in Queensland. The conference runs over three days and if previous years are any indication of what to expect; it’s going to be a lot of fun. The program this year includes:

  • Mark Bouris from “The Mentor” as the Keynote Speaker
  • Key Product panel sessions featuring fellow members sharing success stories
  • IT and Marketing strategy and growth plenary sessions
  • Networking opportunities
  • Booth and Stalls showcasing the latest and greatest
  • Mystery Night
  • Awards Night
  • Round Table Sessions

We are striving to ensure a great year ahead and many more to come by working together to “Take the Initiative” and grow. This is all accomplished by inspiring our members, providing them with insight and value by optimising our new products and services created to support our members, suppliers and partners. For more information on our Expo, please contact us at 02 8599 6866 or at