PYMBLE, NSW, 15 August 2017 – Office Brands engages with the Benojo platform as a single solution to capture and measure the collective social and charitable activities of their support staff and members.

Office Brands firmly believes that corporate social responsibility is integral to business success, and they are committed to the welfare of their staff, members and stakeholders, including their communities, employees, environment, value chain, and shareholders.

As such, they have introduced a new Community Program as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment, to provide their company, members and employees the opportunity to get behind charitable causes they care about.

There was already a large amount of charitable activity across the support office and member base, and the objective of this program is to aggregate that activity into a single platform as a “one stop shop” and online community for Office Brands and their members.

Office Brands has partnered with Benojo, who will assist them to achieve these objectives. Benojo is providing the technology to enable employees of Office Brands and their member stores to easily connect, record and report on the charitable causes they care about. This includes volunteering, monetary donations, or attending fundraising events. Every act of generosity is recorded and recognised within the Benojo platform.

Additionally, Office Brands wants to support and enable employees to become involved in charitable activities and fundraising by allowing them to nominate which organisations the group can support and suggest causes in which everyone can get involved. Personal contributions will be collated into Office Brands’ group contributions, giving them a consolidated view of the great work carried out across the group.

Office Brands CEO, Gavin Ward, said, “We’re so proud that our members and staff are so heavily involved in their local communities and charitable giving. We didn’t want them to disengage from what they were already doing to support an Office Brands charity, instead we wanted a way to encourage them in the good work they were already doing and support them and recognise their contribution. Benojo gives us a way to do just that. Now we’re able to support each other and the causes that are important to our people”.