Reflecting on 2019’s Expo theme “Think Differently”, we take into consideration the importance of this message, now more than ever for our business and industry moving forward.

The last 12-16 months have been challenging for all, both in a personal and professional capacity. During the time, I do not think anyone could have imagined the impact that 2020-21 would have on the world.

Although our products and categories remain the same, we have been forced into a real disconnect due to the COVID pandemic and how we go about our daily activities and habits.

The way we conduct business has changed, the way we interact with our friends and family have changed, the way we live life has changed.

You have seen the changes we have had to make to adapt here at Office Brands firsthand. We changed our business model to best engage with you, our valued members, and suppliers.

All that being said, it is now time to “Reconnect” with each other. It will have been two long years since the Office Brands family have all had the opportunity to be together and after such a long absence.

It is time for us all to join as one and reconnect with our friends, colleagues, and suppliers.

Reconnecting is not just about being present with each other, but re-establishing bonds of communication, resources and helping one another reach our highest potential for better business success.

Not only do we continue to Think Differently, but we continue to strive forward as Australia’s largest and leading Independent business supplies dealer group.

We know that networking and interaction are important for all and this is a great reason why you should join us in Brisbane on April 29th and 30th 2022.  You will find that the EXPO is different this year compared to the previous EXPO’s and this is designed to allow you to all to spend valuable time with both your fellow Office Brands members and suppliers.

Important Note:

If you have previously registered for the 2021 EXPO that was due to be held in October with dcb events, please note that you have the option to either transfer those funds already paid to the 2022 EXPO or gain a full refund – please contact for further details.

With regards to vaccination policies for Brisbane events, we are guided by the Queensland Government’s policies as to attendees requirements within their state and venues.

Once we have more information at our disposal, we will update the group as to the requirements and policies from the Queensland Government.

We will be sending out updated registrations links to the EXPO website and will inform you all as soon as it is ready to go !

Look forward to catching up with everyone in April 2022!!!!!

This is an amazing opportunity to Reconnect and find out how we can work together in this new world.


For more information on our Expo, please contact us at 02 8599 6866 or at


2019 Expo

Office Brands has embraced the mantra of “Think Differently” as we look to celebrating our 20th Anniversary at our forthcoming Expo in Adelaide as.  Our spotlight for this event will be to highlight our focus on helping members and partners differentiate themselves through “Thinking Differently” to enable growth in their business. We are looking at this through the lens of creativity, innovation, strategy, best practices and other cutting-edge tools. To achieve this, the major focus of the Expo will be on educating, knowledge sharing and providing insightful experiences from member and supplier panels, as well as guest speakers who will also be conducting workshops.

Our Expo runs from Friday October 11th  to Sunday October 12th  and is held at the Intercontinental and the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide. The conference runs over three days; last year was considered the best ever and we are looking to top that this year.

The Expo is about bringing everyone together to provide you with critical insights, innovative ideas and the latest technological resources needed to win more business than ever before. We are here to empower members to raise the bar and “think differently” about your business for the better.

For more information on our Expo, please contact us at 02 8599 6866 or at


2018 Expo

This year, Office Brands is placing the focus on the most crucial ingredients for business success: taking the initiative. The Office Brands Expo 2018 is all about us as a group, together with our members, suppliers and partners – taking the initiative to grow, innovate and develop. We are working together as a collective by being proactive while constructively collaborating to overcome challenges that arise in pursuit of our goals to further increase our capabilities, service offerings and overcome competition.

As a group, we believe that taking the initiative is defined as having the drive to achieve what you’ve set out to do. Office Brands has invested substantially in developing cutting edge digital tools to help our members drive their businesses, both through existing and new customer bases. We are also focusing on expanding to new markets that can provide growth for members and our suppliers and much of all this excitement will be showcased at our Expo this year.

Our Expo runs from Thursday 18th October 2018 to Sunday 21st October 2018 and is held at Sanctuary Cove Intercontinental in Queensland. The conference runs over three days and if previous years are any indication of what to expect; it’s going to be a lot of fun.

For more information on our Expo, please contact us at 02 8599 6866 or at


2017 Expo

Whether it be a Pie and Sauce, Sausage in Bread or Scones with Cream and Jam, some things just work Better Together.

That was the thought process when the founders of our Group brought together Office Force, Office Network and APT to form what is today Office Brands.

Those founding members proved the validity of that strategy: not only surviving, but also growing strong businesses over the years.

Today, that thought process is more relevant than ever. Change provides opportunity and by working together we will be well positioned to make the most of those opportunities. Hence the theme of the 2017 Expo – “Better Together”

The 2017 Office Brands & OPD New Zealand Expo was held on 22 – 24 September at the Cairns Convention Centre.

2016 Expo

In 2016, the Office Brands National Expo focused on how our dealers can “Innovate, Integrate, Motivate”.

Over the past few years we have implemented innovative new systems to keep ahead of or inline with competitors and provide our dealers with the tools they need for success. To benefit from these innovations, dealers must be motivated to integrate the new technology.

• Learn about the state of the business supplies industry and essential market trends
• Understand how you can outperform the market
• Build on your skills and future-proof your business
• Network with fellow dealers, key suppliers, and Support Office personnel
• Inspirational speakers and practical business sessions
• Industry leading supplier exhibition with over x key partners
• New products and services
• Welcome and Supplier Awards function
• Gala Dinner and Member Awards ceremony