Environmental Standards

The threat to our environment is widely recognised and there is a broad consensus that society needs to make fundamental changes to the way it operates. Office Brands is dedicated to improving our environmental practices at every level.

We endeavor to increase our knowledge of environmental issues and continue to develop and implement policies and procedures that will continuously improve our environmental footprint.

As part of our environmental focus, we are committed to providing our dealers with knowledge and a wide selection of biodegradable, recycled and environmentally friendly products to choose from that will assist their customers in reducing their environmental impact and help build a more sustainable future.

Why buy products made from recycled material?

Recycling helps the environment by reducing the environmental damage of mining and transporting raw materials and reduces waste to landfills. The more demand there is for products made from recycled materials, the more recycling programs can accomplish. Remember, every little bit helps.

What is carbon neutral?

A product or process that does not add carbon dioxide to the atmosphere over its lifecycle because it absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide as it produces. These products are manufactured with a process producing zero carbon emissions.

What does biodegradable mean?

It refers to a product that is able to be broken down quickly by natural processes into more basic components. The faster the product breaks down and what it breaks down into, is the key to how environmentally friendly the product is for out planet.