Take the Initiative

PYMBLE, NSW, 25 Oct 2018 This year, Office Brands is placing the focus on the most crucial ingredients for business success: taking the initiative. The Office Brands Expo 2018 is all about us as a group, together with our members, suppliers and partners – taking... read more

Office Brands Welcomes Office Power Australia Members

Back in 1999 Office National formed by merging three dealer groups: Office Force, Office Network and A.P.T. The motivation of each was clear, together their combined purchasing power would improve, the cost of producing catalogues and managing data would improve due to the economies of scale and become more cost effective. Together, they could create additional marketing initiatives, not otherwise financially viable through their individual Groups.

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Office Brands Announces Record Distributions & Special Dividend

Office Brands provided its shareholders with a special dividend following its announcement of an after tax profit of $310,029. In presenting the company’s full year results at its Annual General Meeting on the Gold Coast yesterday, Chief Financial Officer Tullio Cofrancesco said the result for the year indicates another solid financial performance, reflected in its distributions to licence holders and the special dividend paid to shareholders.

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