Paradigm Shift – Using your ERP System as a Knowledge Base to improve Productivity

By Ritesh Patel, CIO, Office Brands

The famous phrase “knowledge is power” implies that knowledge enhances potential or ability. The recent focus of our Technology Mentoring Program at Office Brands has involved raising awareness of how the knowledge base in ERP systems can enhance and improve business performance.

The business environment is currently challenging for independent dealers in the office supplies sector. If we are to survive and thrive, the smart adoption of technology systems needs to be a high priority for this channel.

Over my career I have witnessed some businesses that have implemented an ERP system but still revert to manual processes and behaviour, never realising the real value of their technology investment. The staff behaviour post-ERP implementation does not change and old habits to download supplier price lists or log onto multiple online portals to check for product, cost and inventory information still occur.

Accessing these multiple systems and spreadsheets wastes time, to the detriment of business productivity.

There are three simple areas a business needs to focus on to ensure their ERP Investment is delivering value […]

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